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College of Architecture + Design

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College of Architecture + Design


Enderun’s College of Architecture and Design equips students with visionary creative skills backed by relevant knowledge in communications, technology, and management. This focus on technical innovation and enterprise enables our graduates to stand out in the fields of Architecture, Interior Design, Multimedia Arts, and beyond.


The degrees under the College of Architecture and Design emphasize the importance of balancing creativity and business; from green and socially relevant structures that meet new global standards to digital art that transcends traditional perceptions.

BS Architecture

Architecture doesn’t just shape the physical space around us–it sculpts the way that we think, learn, and develop. Spearheaded by industry experts, Enderun Colleges’ Bachelor of Science in Architecture combines the best of design theory and art appreciation with practical application and hands-on frameworks. True to the Enderun rationale, graduates are expected to create designs that are efficient, aesthetically sound, and of international calibre.

The program puts an emphasis on professional output and application, giving students not just the skills to design and create but also equipping them with the ability to discuss and articulate their architectural philosophies and methods. They are given the lay of the land in architecture vis a vis the world of business and advanced technology. Geared towards efficient planning, sustainability and utilizing technology to build better infrastructure, this program offers education that hones an understanding of design approaches, application of research and innovation that support human behavior within an environment.

BS Interior Design

To design a space is to create an experience–the material and placement of furniture are so often the difference between cozy and clinical, efficient and elegant. Designed by the experts to explore the science behind cultivating and furnishing spaces, Enderun’s Bachelor of Science in Interior Design focuses on contextual frameworks, technique and equipping students with the practical competencies they will need to overcome challenges in a work environment that’s constantly changing.

Combining Enderun’s expertise in pedagogy, business management, and aesthetic design, this program aims to take students’ industry stature to the next level. Enderun’s hands-on philosophy is laced throughout the program via practice-centered internships that interlink education and industry. Students also get the chance to hone their leadership skills through team activities that will give them an edge in their future careers. Highlighting design competency curriculum, students are taught to be detail-oriented without ignoring the bird’s eye view and embedding their designs within the frameworks of sustainability, commerce, and technology.


Command + Shift + Design
Enderun Colleges’ Multimedia Arts program delivers a progressive and multifaceted education for graduates to excel in the rapidly evolving fields of digital media and communications technology in the Industry 4.0 era.

The program nurtures future industry leaders through a robust foundation of technical excellence in art, proficient management skills, and articulate communication of ideas. Students are also able to hone their artistic tastes through internship programs that expose them to real-world work experiences in their preferred creative fields.

Lastly, the MMA advisory board along with the faculty can provide additional guidance and mentorship in their respective industries to support the students’ further growth.

Game Arts
Become a key player in the development of the next big thing in gaming. The Game Arts track teaches students the art of creating a game from conceptualization to design. Students will be introduced to a wide range of disciplines, including computer technology, sound and art design, story development, production, and more.

UX and Graphic Design
Enderun’s UX/UI Design track focuses on the design of how we interact with the constant advancement of modern software and technology. The program offers a multi-disciplinary approach that combines art, smart design, and consumer psychology to create human-centric experiences especially tailored to end-users.

The Animation track offers students a holistic education that combines artistry with technical training. As a result, graduates become masters of visual storytelling leveraging the latest technologies and techniques to bring creative visions to life, transcending languages and cultures.


Renowned and internationally acclaimed in their respective fields, their primary role is to advise Enderun on strategic developments and key evolutionary trends in global architecture and design, to ensure Enderun’s curricula stay industry-relevant and future-driven. They also provide mentorship, guest lectures, and open up internship and job placement opportunities for students.

Architecture and Interior Design


Chairman of the Advisory Board


Chief Executive Officer – Mañosa & Co. Inc.


President and CEO – Aidea Philippines Incorporated


Founding Partner – Chat Fores Design Studio


Executive Director and co-founder of TPM

Multimedia Arts


Creative Lead - LEGO Agency (Billund, Denmark)
Writer and Co-Creator of Comic Book "Trese"

Dan Matutina

Founding Partner - Plus63
Founding Partner - Hydra Design Group

Seven A.D.

Seven-time 4A's Independent Agency of the Year Awardee

Colman Walsh

Founder and CEO - UX Design Institute

Michelle Barreto

CEO & Head of Strategy - Vitamin B, Inc.

Ivan Despi

Co-owner & Creative Director - The Acid House

Donald Lim

Chief Operating Officer - DITO CME Holdings Corporation


Head of TV Production & Star Magic


Campus Life at Enderun is a life of engagement and active involvement outside the four corners of the classroom. Enderun is committed to contributing to the holistic formation and development of its students. The Office of Student Life provides students with activities that complement their educational experiences, career development and personal growth.

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